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Anna Blanch Rabe is the founder and CEO of Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates LLC, a communications consultancy specializing in shaping and executing the  communications strategies for law firms, social enterprises, and socially responsible businesses who see the growth of their local community as intertwined with their profits. While she lives in New Mexico, she works with clients around the world.

She was previously the Executive Director for Ninth Judicial District Family & Children’s Court Services Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit that has served the children and families of Curry & Roosevelt counties of New Mexico for almost 25 years. She has served as a member of the National Court Appointed Special Advocates Association Legal and Advocacy Committee and the New Mexico CASA Network. She served on Multi Disciplinary teams, and local Child Abuse task forces. She currently serves on the Thrive in Southern New Mexico board of directors, and the City of Alamogordo Housing Authority Board.

With professional training as a lawyer, and her experience in research, higher education, and management, Anna is also involved with local community organizations and to advocate for thoughtful community development and is a fervent advocate for educational opportunity. To this end, she currently serves on the Protocol Service Team of Main Gate United. She’s a proud USAF spouse, who has served as a key spouse and is currently a key spouse mentor. She was honored to be named 2016 AFI Military Spouse of the Year for Cannon AFB, and the 2018 AFI Military Spouse of the Year for Holloman AFB. She is also a member of the rule change committee of the Military Spouse JD Network. In 2018 she was the named the Joan Orr spouse of the Year for Air Combat Command.

Along with her work in child welfare and victim advocacy, Australian-born Writer and photographer,  Anna Blanch Rabe, cares deeply about thoughtful engagement with arts and culture.  In addition to being one of the founding contributors of Transpositions, a collaborative project on Theology, Imagination, and the Arts, and a former columnist for‘s #Digidisciple project, she has had scholarly & freelance articles published in a wide range of publications including Military One Click, Next Gen Milspouse, Englewood Review of Books, Australian Folklore, Case Magazine, Immerse Magazine and Journal of Inkling Studies. With degrees from the Australian National University and Baylor University, Anna worked on her PhD with the Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts, at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, but did not submit her thesis. Her academic research focuses both on the work of iconic British author, E.Nesbit (author of Railway Children) and the role of literature in spiritual formation.  Anna has presented papers to the British Association of Victorian Studies, the Modern Language Association, the International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture, and the Conference on Christianity and Literature to name but a few.

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