Press Release: Military Spouse of the Year 2016

Anna Rabe honored By 2016 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year Program ® as Cannon AFB Base Winner! PITTSBURGH, PA, (January 25) –  Anna Rabe was selected as the Cannon AFB Spouse of the Year®. Her bio can be found here:  All Americans are invited to meet and learn more about the Base Military Spouses of the Year® at In 2013, Military Spouse magazine expanded the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year® program by introducing an installation echelon. Nominations Continue reading →

Stepping toward life goals: starting to run the PhD marathon again

Be patient. Find Peace. Fight. Dream again. – I’m still working on a piece about my journey over the last few years. But, know that I’m walking toward some of my most deeply held dreams and goals again after some rough years. Some of these struggles have been me getting my own way, but there’s other stumbling blocks that have fallen in my path without warning and without there being much I could have done to have foreseen them. How do you find the sunshine Continue reading →

Snail Mail Delight: SpouseBox

In the middle of May I took the plunge and nabbed one of the rare and precious gems known as a SpouseBox subscription. I had never tried the service before, but I encountered the founders during my recent trip to Washington D.C, and I was attracted by the free shipping that comes with the subscription. With a monthly cost of $24.99, I used some of my blow money (we include a little discretionary pocket money in our budget) to take a chance on a military Continue reading →

Missive from under the goanna tree #4

This is the opportunity I take to share a summary of my words, some of the words of others that I find inspiring, an image, and some fun facts about who is reading! You can read the first missive here. And see a list of all the missives here. This is the place that we meet. Under the goanna tree. This is the place we dream, and wander, and imagine. This is the place we hope and plan. This is the place we question and Continue reading →

Media Kit Request

Are you looking for Anna Blanch Rabe’s Media Kit? You’ve come to the right place! Thanks for your interest in finding out more about working with me. Fill in this form to request a media kit! _____________________________________ Listening. Observing. Participating. Writing. Photographing. Reflecting. Join me on Facebook     Chat with me on Twitter    Connect on Instagram Anna Blanch Rabe, founder of Anna Blanch Rabe & Associates, has been working with Social Enterprises, socially-responsible businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations since 2006 to develop and effectively execute strategic, Continue reading →

I am a Writer.

Hi, my name is Anna Blanch Rabe and I am a writer. So here goes nothing, I’m now a full-time writer about to travel around the world. With the two part-time jobs I’ve held since I returned to Australia, I’ve worked towards the writing, editing, art-making, and teaching being the thing that pays the bills. But it worked. And it felt kind of poetic. Poetic and maybe a little cliched. I’m in the midst of packing up my life in boxes and shipping most of Continue reading →