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Expat or immigrant: being an inbetweener

The idea of home has been a reoccurring theme of my writing for almost 10 years. What makes a home? what does it mean to go home? What if home is a troubling idea? What does it mean to be an immigrant in contrast with being an expat? is being an expat a privileged status? Ziya Meral posed this question a few years ago: For those who leave their country of origin and venture far; do we ever return ‘home’? ; I don’t remember Continue reading →

The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Child (And Yourself)

If you want to give your children a gift that will help their imaginations and hearts soar, then teach them how to dream. I don’t mean the images we occasionally remember upon waking from a slumber. I mean those epic flights of fancy when we think about grand adventures we might have  or paths we might yet follow. Let them imagine what it would mean to follow a career path you might think out of your financial reach, or take a trip you couldn’t begin Continue reading →

Waiting and Healing: Why I’m not running this spring

Whenever I’m asked where I hail from, I stumble a little bit. After living in one foreign country and 10 U.S. states, including a few on multiple occasions, I can reasonably answer all over the place. But if I had to pick one place I’m actually from, even though I only lived there for three brief years, it would be Washington State. This is where my parents still live, I graduated high school there, and I’ve consistently traveled to Washington since the late ‘9os. But Continue reading →