A New Adventure: Overland from Oz

This website, Not a Pedestrian Life is the home for the next chapter of things. About two years ago, I started planning an adventure. A journey from one side of the world to the other. From Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia to London, England. Yes, Australia to England: overland. Overland From Oz. Yes, that’ll be crossing Europe and Asia. This will be where the trip will be chronicled. Below are links to some of the pages where i’ve posted about aspects of the trip and Continue reading →

Warrior Women

I am humbled. I am part of many different communities; communities that reflect where I have lived, worshipped, gone to school, worked, travelled. But there’ll be a new community soon. Soon, I will become part of a community of those who support those they love who serve in uniform. At one time I was the one in uniform and so it’s tempting to think this means that I have it all in hand, but this will be different. I am daunted. I don’t know how Continue reading →