News about Overland from Oz Special Updates

Do you want inside scoop? Maybe, you’re a teacher and you’d like to incorporate some of the educational materials produced from or about this project into your syllabus or lesson plans…or you’re a youth worker, or involved in an IFES group, or a boy scout, girl scout, or girl guide leader? Maybe you like traveling and want to follow along? Maybe you know people in some of the places I’m going – or you have a suggestion? The Overland from Oz Map Maybe you’d like Continue reading →


I dislike the feeling that will my chest will implode for lack of oxygen coming into my lungs. My leg nervously goes up and down as I sit on the final plane we will share for a while. We don’t speak about the partings. He barely let’s go of my hand. He knows what that tapping means. Yet, I know that this is a hard day for him too. We don’t speak about the partings. But it’s all we think about. He senses me getting Continue reading →

Not prone to Giddiness; or I knew I was falling in love

I think that was the first time I made her laugh: the time I told her that I wasn’t prone to giddiness. I was having trouble sleeping because there were only about 5 hours till I had to get up to go and meet her brother in law at the airport. Yeah, that. There’s an extraordinary sweetness about meeting each other in airports. Then there’s the suckiness of having to say goodbye. The hello’s are mighty sweet. Possibly even okay to get giddy over. The Continue reading →


I found some of the letters she had written me yesterday. I came upon them accidentally. In these I read her heart. Her love for her family – for me – and her sense of humour. In them I feel her sense of adventure. The same sense I‘ve inherited. I feel her certainty, her doubt, her hope, her fears. They break my heart and fill me with joy at the same time. Inexplicably. hopefully. My grandmother’s prayer is now my own: God grant me the Continue reading →

A New Adventure: Overland from Oz

This website, Not a Pedestrian Life is the home for the next chapter of things. About two years ago, I started planning an adventure. A journey from one side of the world to the other. From Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia to London, England. Yes, Australia to England: overland. Overland From Oz. Yes, that’ll be crossing Europe and Asia. This will be where the trip will be chronicled. Below are links to some of the pages where i’ve posted about aspects of the trip and Continue reading →

Warrior Women

I am humbled. I am part of many different communities; communities that reflect where I have lived, worshipped, gone to school, worked, travelled. But there’ll be a new community soon. Soon, I will become part of a community of those who support those they love who serve in uniform. At one time I was the one in uniform and so it’s tempting to think this means that I have it all in hand, but this will be different. I am daunted. I don’t know how Continue reading →