Changing travel plans: when International Affairs and acts of war throw things into disarray

One of the things that has been exhilarating and a little off-putting in the plans leading up to Overland From Oz is just how much being away of international affairs is making the itinerary a changeable proposition – even to the point of changing travel plans. Even if i wanted to, increasingly, it is becoming more difficult to narrow down how my plans are going to play out and exactly how often I’m going to have to call time out on the grounds of safety. Continue reading →

I am a legal alien

In America, I am a Legal Alien. In America, I am an alien. In America, I am a Legal Alien. In America, I am an alien. I am not protected by the constitution of the United States. I cannot travel In and out of the country on my own whim. This is a bit of a problem. You see, we have different passports. I am Australian. RM is American. However, Love knows no passport. We accept that we are complicated. We chose this. We chose Continue reading →

A Naked Theologian

I’m a lateral thinker inclined to make connections between seemingly unrelated things: a naked theologian. In writing about 19th century women poets lately I’ve been thinking about the challenges of their domestic lives in the midst of their creative pursuits. I was also challenged by Joy Bennett’s post reflecting on Billy Coffey’s thoughts on ‘naked writing.’ It got me thinking further about the function of some of my writing here. As Billy Coffey quotes his writing instructor: “People write because they must. Because there is Continue reading →

Call me a nomad

Hi there, welcome, call me a nomad! I’m presently on my honeymoon! With everything happening with OverlandfromOz, I thought it best to have some posts that still have currency from reposted here in the new forum! I’d love your thoughts and comments! __________________________ Call me a nomad. I’ve spent many many many hours of my life sitting in airport lounges. I’ve even had to sleep in one or two. I’ve been delayed because of tornadoes, cyclones, dust-storms, the American president (one memorable afternoon in Continue reading →

Obstacles are there to be overcome: traveling solo in south east Asia

By far the most complex part of the planning so far has been trying to come up with options for navigating traveling solo in south east Asia between Singapore and Australia (largely by sea) safely. I’ve already written a couple of posts about like Sailing Asia? Or what to do about the possibility of Pirates. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this area of the world is much more convenient to fly in hops, but…and this is a big but – I really don’t Continue reading →

On being mistaken for a local all over the world

Whether in Paris, or London, or New York or even Brisbane, I’m often surprised by the way I seem to be mistaken for a local resident. I’ve been asked for directions, in french,  in Paris, in German in Berlin, and Spanish in New York, had locals wax lyrical in London about how not Australian my Australian accent is, and had no less than six people ask me about where to find things in and around the cultural precinct while wandering around for a morning in Continue reading →

Overland from Oz Itinerary Overview: New South Wales by Rail

I don’t take the idea of traveling New South Wales by Rail for granted. I once won a bet with my dad about when the railway stopped into my home town. He wouldn’t believe that I remembered it. But, I did. I remembered looking up, small as I was, over the dashboard of my aunt’s Volkswagen Beetle, Alex. It was mint green and I felt so special sitting in the passenger seat of that car singing ‘Frère Jacques’ and ‘Lemon Tree, very pretty’ with her Continue reading →

ABCs of Travel

Sometimes you have to crash a party; especially, if it’s a good one. Today, I’m crashing a travel bloggers meme: the ABCs of Travel. I read the entry from  Nancy from Family on Bikes who in turn was responding to Steve from You’re not from around here are you? and decided that it would be a good one to join in on! __________________ This ABCs of Travel post was originally published on – but I thought it time it came out of mothballs! It Continue reading →

This is sacred ground

This is sacred ground. This is holy ground. This place where the light splits and flickers on the stone floor next to the hundred year old carved wooden kneelers. This place where we pray cross legged on the red carpet in front of the altar. This is sacred ground. The faded chalk runs a little in the heavy rain. A sweet little girl looks eagerly out the window asking “can we go outside yet?” As the sun warms the footpath, i watch her giggle as Continue reading →

News about Overland from Oz Special Updates

Do you want inside scoop? Maybe, you’re a teacher and you’d like to incorporate some of the educational materials produced from or about this project into your syllabus or lesson plans…or you’re a youth worker, or involved in an IFES group, or a boy scout, girl scout, or girl guide leader? Maybe you like traveling and want to follow along? Maybe you know people in some of the places I’m going – or you have a suggestion? The Overland from Oz Map Maybe you’d like Continue reading →