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Beyond Marathons: Going Ultra, Part 2

Going Ultra: Part 2! Here is Part 1. Recapping, I did not sleep well the night before the AF 1/2, the day was very humid and windy, and I was sporting my Mizuno Hitogami racing flats which I had never run anything longer than 2 consecutive miles. Ready to race 13.1 miles! Two miles in, I was shocked at how slow I felt in relation to what I was actually running. My average pace was about 5:40 min/mile for the first three miles, and then Continue reading →

Beyond Marathons: Going Ultra, Part 1

I’m a life long runner. I’ve run one marathon, multiple ½ marathons, 10Ks, trail runs, and 5Ks. But now I feel like it’s time to go ultra. To go beyond marathons. What is an ultra? According to elite ultramarathoner Hal Koerner, ultra means “extreme.” Ultramarathoners run monstrously long races-50Ks, 50 milers, 100Ks, and 100 milers. These are races where you are on your feet anywhere from 5, 15, 25, even 35 hours. At the age of 31, I feel like I’ve sufficiently caught the bug. Continue reading →

Planning to succeed

We are planners. We value planning to succeed. So why would our adventuring be any different? For the last year, Dwight was planning training and racing about 4-5 months ahead at most. With his changing goals in terms of racing and moving to longer distances, planning further out is becoming more important. Like most people, our work lives are pretty hectic. There are some additional complicating factors which we work around, but all in all, we plan because everything else can then be built around Continue reading →

2015 Race Results

Dwight’s race results for 2015. See this page of bucket list races for where we’ll be heading from here. April Albuquerque 1/2 Marathon – 1:27:33. 19th Overall. 3rd in Age group. May Catch me if you Can 5k – 18:20. 2nd  Overall. 1st in Age group. June Lickety Split 5k – 20:32. 7th overall. 1st Age group. July Grindstone Lake Trail Run, Ruidoso 8.5 mile – 1:03:38. 7th Overall. 3rd Age Group. August Rails & Trails 8 mile, Cloudcroft – 1:02:43.  3rd Overall, 1st Age Continue reading →