Team Rabe

engagement photos2Anna Blanch Rabe and Dwight Rabe are Team Rabe.

Team Rabe is also the name we crew under and how we build morale for those friends who kindly support Dwight’s running endeavours!

We currently live in New Mexico, USA. Between us we have lived in 13 US  states, 2 Australian states, and 8 countries. We have five beautiful nieces and family spread out over four continents.

Dwight is currently writing his own training plans, with Anna offering assistance with Swimming.

We use Hammer Nutrition products.

Team Rabe has a motto, riro i te ora which is maori for “win at life” or “received life” which, either way, works pretty well for us. Life is about way more than a podium finish in an athletic event, but sometimes races help us learn more about who we are and what we are capable. Life is also not something to be selfish about, it truly is a gift. The motto is in maori to celebrate Dwight’s New Zealand heritage.


We have compiled Dwight’s 2015 Results & 2016 Results.

He has a bucket list of races.


A more detailed bio for Anna can be found here (soon). She is about to embark on a train trip around the US.