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Yearning for Christmas

You know when you are anxious and shaking and scared that the very worst thing you can imagine is actually happening and it does happen and it is terrible and you feel horrible, and yet in the midst of it you see god’s grace, and you know your worth isn’t it flawlessness but in faithfulness, and it isn’t in making people happy, but in seeking to honour your calling and your daily work. It’s been an exceptionally trying few weeks and I am tired and Continue reading →

Word for 2014!

re·new. verb \ri-ˈnü, -ˈnyü\ return to doing something: to begin something or doing something again, or be begun again. To make (something) new, fresh, or strong again. To begin (something) again especially with more force or enthusiasm. To make like new : restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection. extend something: to make something such as a contract, lease, or license effective for a longer period, or be made effective for a longer period. replace something worn: to replace something that is worn, broken, or no Continue reading →

You are not Special

In 2012 I worked with ‘the public’ for four or five months. It was eye opening and challenged me to reconsider some assumptions I had unconsciously adopted about hospitality, and about being faced with hordes of people every single day. One pervasive attitude struck me as being detrimental to our communities growing and thriving. It’s something that I don’t see the church as being immune from and some of the people I’ve come across in the ‘public sphere’ who have made it known they are Continue reading →

Sometimes you need to be Martha

I am an extrovert. But when I can’t cope, when I am too weak. When I can’t put on a happy face, then I become insular, and shrink back within myself. I can’t be with groups and I really can’t be with people I don’t know. This is a radical shift for me. I usually love people. But sometimes, I just can’t. Sometimes I can be — if I’m able to be  — Martha, serving in the kitchen, in the background, not being noticed by Continue reading →

The Folly of Advent

I usually begin decorating for the advent and Christmas season on the first day of Advent. It has become a tradition for me over the last six or so years anyway. But this year I put it off. I wasn’t going to be in this house over Christmas I argued, I’d be working anyway I thought, and there are plenty of decorations at work… But honestly, all of those excuses are lame! Really it’s because I’m not with him, and he isn’t here and this Continue reading →

Fragments on Seeking a Church Community

Over the last 18 months I visited a number of churches as I sought to transition from the UK to Australia. In part because I wanted to reflect without concern that I might hurt the feelings of those I visited with, I chose the more obtuse form of poetic fragments. It was a beautiful exercise for me to reflect on church visits and meeting new people in this way – and i find that I can recall the larger context for each fragment quite easily. Continue reading →


I found some of the letters she had written me yesterday. I came upon them accidentally. In these I read her heart. Her love for her family – for me – and her sense of humour. In them I feel her sense of adventure. The same sense I‘ve inherited. I feel her certainty, her doubt, her hope, her fears. They break my heart and fill me with joy at the same time. inexplicably. hopefully. My grandmother’s prayer is now my own God grant me the Continue reading →