Monthly Archives: January 2014

This is not the most important dress

Kylie Minogue was once a nun. She was a bride of Christ. It was on TV, but that’s real enough, isn’t it? I’m sure there are other things which the Church and Kylie Minogue have in common, but this is one. You see, the Church is referred to as the bride of Christ. Indeed, the Church is pictured in the new testament as the bride of Christ being made beautiful for the bridegroom. It’s a complex image. But this idea of a Bride being made Continue reading →

On being a word-toting rebel

Are you a rebel without a cause? Do you fight with words instead of fists? Writers of books, blogging gurus, and professors alike often advise that the best way to capture an audience is to argue against something. You must have a counter-point, they say, for you to get attention. There must be an argument, a thesis, which will anchor your paper. I teach my students the importance of a strong thesis in order to write a persuasive argument. However, what I struggle with is Continue reading →

Window Shopping: Essential Ingredient, Newcastle

  The Essential Ingredient is close to a bustling restaurant and cafe district in Newcastle. Serving those who love to cook – whether professional or amateur – and featuring a cafe serving deli items and coffee. It’s got some decent size tables, which make it a good place for a work meeting over coffee or lunch. This is a fun place to explore. It’s also a place where you need to know your budget in advance, because it oh-so-easy to find all sorts of kitchen Continue reading →

Holy Crap! I’m getting married!

It’s not something I expected. Or, something I was waiting around for! But, soon — within weeks — I will marry my best friend; a man I love and respect. This feels me joy and also that strange out of body sensation when it feels like this has to be happening to someone else and I am merely observing it all. And then it hits me — BAM! — Holy Crap! We’re getting married! It’s like i’m looking at someone else’s life. But I’m not. Continue reading →