Monthly Archives: August 2014

What My Grandmother Taught me About Living and Dying Well

Shortly before she passed away, I was sitting in my grandmother’s bedroom and talking with her. I asked her – a staunch Catholic who had been receiving communion weekly in her home during her illness – if she wanted me to pray for her, or with her. She said firmly: I have no use for all the extra words. I pray one prayer each day. It’s a simple prayer, but it says everything I need to say to God. I pondered the simplicity and confidence Continue reading →

Approaching Kitchen Stadium with Wonder

“Invisible men of culinary skills: These are the Iron Chefs!” ….These words echo as I enjoy dinner with a glass of white wine… If I were to savour the delights of any one of these men who meet the challenge in kitchen stadium I think I’d be keen to try the food of Chef Sakai. Admittedly my favourite part is the English overdubbed commentary on a show otherwise in Japanese. It makes for some particularly hilarious overly dramatic moments when the tragedy of failed soufflé Continue reading →