Monthly Archives: September 2014

31 days to making a house a home!

This has been a huge couple of years of change for me. I moved to the United States of America from Australia in late April 2014 and into a brand new house with my sweet husband, RM. It’s been quite the learning curve for both of us. It is a blank slate of a house — our first together, and first as homeowners — and we’ve been bumbling our way along together. It is said that out of necessity is born creativity. I’ve been thinking Continue reading →

For those times when you or someone who love gets hit by a bus

When was the last time you talked to the ones you love about their wishes regarding their funeral, or who they would want with them if something ever happened to you? Have you ever? One of the sobering realities of being a military family, and one of the things I didn’t expect would cause such introspection is the seriousness with which the military takes encouraging service members to talk with their loved ones about difficult topics. It shouldn’t have surprised me, after all, it is Continue reading →