Monthly Archives: January 2015

Empty Shelf Challenge: 2015

For 2015, I’m seeking to reignite my love of reading for reading’s own sake. Sometimes graduate work can take away a love of reading for its own sake when you only read what you have to for years on end. I’m on a personal mission to take my love of reading back from the clutches of have to and read for the love of all that is holy!   January 1.Unbroken by Laura Hildenbrand 2.Hunters by James Salter February 3. Boyd by Robert Coram  Do Continue reading →

Cottage-by-the-park House Tour

It’s time for a tour. Well, a virtual one at least Our little home is new. It feels like a great privilege to be the very first family to call this house our home. What you can’t see in this image is the sweet lttle light in our front yard. It reminds us of the light pole in Narnia – and we’re really hoping to find a faun or a little stone lion to join in. Our own little literary joke seems right to us! Continue reading →