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Dear Kat: On spice and comfort food

My friend Kat and I are trying this thing on our blogs. What we want to do is a series of letters to each other about food and life and whatnot. We became friends in the kitchen over food and gin and photography while we were graduate students in Scotland. She was my maid of honour at my wedding. Now Kat lives in Germany and I live in the US. We miss cooking together, so this is our way of reframing that part of our Continue reading →

Chicken Pot Pie (Gluten free)

Like hundreds of other people in our local community, I ended up with the Flu two weeks ago. The actual influenza flu. It was not fun, but it was also quite different from a bad cold. Needless to say I was craving comfort food, and specifically Chicken Pot Pie. Research has shown that chicken soup contains antibacterial properties. I’m not sure if the same can be said for Chicken Pot pie, but nevertheless. Gluten Free pastry is still a bit of a mystery to me. Continue reading →

From This Valley They Say You Are Going

Originally posted on 13 March 2012 on To be fortunate enough to have a friend for over 40 years, who makes you laugh with his jokes and stories, whose heart is pure gold and who loves your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as his own is fortune indeed. My heart cries out for my grandfather today. To lose a friend is hard. Poppy Jim, We will miss you for own sake. We will cry tears of sadness at your passing. We will smile broadly Continue reading →