From This Valley They Say You Are Going

Originally posted on 13 March 2012 on To be fortunate enough to have a friend for over 40 years, who makes you laugh with his jokes and stories, whose heart is pure gold and who loves your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as his own is fortune indeed. My heart cries out for my grandfather today. To lose a friend is hard. Poppy Jim, We will miss you for own sake. We will cry tears of sadness at your passing. We will smile broadly Continue reading →

State of the Union

“There is nothing more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.” ― Homer, The Odyssey Admirable as it may be, but living with someone else, whether you live with your elderly parents, a roommate or roommate, a spouse or significant other, or with 100 strangers in a college residence, has its moments. Around the time we became engaged, RM and I started periodic meetings which we call “The State Continue reading →

For those times when you or someone who love gets hit by a bus

When was the last time you talked to the ones you love about their wishes regarding their funeral, or who they would want with them if something ever happened to you? Have you ever? One of the sobering realities of being a military family, and one of the things I didn’t expect would cause such introspection is the seriousness with which the military takes encouraging service members to talk with their loved ones about difficult topics. It shouldn’t have surprised me, after all, it is Continue reading →

What My Grandmother Taught me About Living and Dying Well

Shortly before she passed away, I was sitting in my grandmother’s bedroom and talking with her. I asked her – a staunch Catholic who had been receiving communion weekly in her home during her illness – if she wanted me to pray for her, or with her. She said firmly: I have no use for all the extra words. I pray one prayer each day. It’s a simple prayer, but it says everything I need to say to God. I pondered the simplicity and confidence Continue reading →

when I enter my husband in races without talking to him first

You know what love is not? Love is not entering your husband in a running race held when he’s working ridiculous hours. Love is having entered him in said race when you thought it would be a romantic thing to do together – I don’t call him the Running Man for nothing – and you really honestly forgot about the whole ridiculous work hours thing. Oh, yeah, and the not talking to him about it first…that probably was where things went pear shaped – but Continue reading →

Another day, Another hill to harbour 10k

I marked my return to Australia with the Newcastle hill to harbour 10k. I was very jetlagged, and it hurt a lot. But it was an extraordinary welcome to a beautiful coastal city. I didn’t know then how long I would be here for. That run was emotional. I explained why I run these races: I run because I can.   This past weekend I ceremoniously marked my impending departure from Newcastle with another Newcastle hill to harbour 10k. The morning started out sunny with Continue reading →

Healing Silence

The quiet of the early morning is broken by a trilling sound. Is it a native bird or some kind of rooster? It begins to find its voice about 0530h. I’m usually awake before then. I find calm in the darkness of the early morning hours. I write. More now than for a while. I’m cliched in the way that my writing is affected by my emotional state. For a while there I felt like I was writing about in circles; so engrossed was I Continue reading →

To the Girls We Once Were: On feeling like you are too much

This is to the girls we once were….to the Girls that we are: To a community of women seeking to create, make, explore, love, hope, dream, inspire, teach, worship, prayer and nurture. _________________________ This is an open letter of sorts, an impassioned plea if you were, to any woman, or man, who has been told that they were or have felt that they are, too much. My dear sweet one! I know sometimes you wonder. In the quiet moments; in the dark; in the tear Continue reading →

This is not the most important dress

Kylie Minogue was once a nun. She was a bride of Christ. It was on TV, but that’s real enough, isn’t it? I’m sure there are other things which the Church and Kylie Minogue have in common, but this is one. You see, the Church is referred to as the bride of Christ. Indeed, the Church is pictured in the new testament as the bride of Christ being made beautiful for the bridegroom. It’s a complex image. But this idea of a Bride being made Continue reading →

Holy Crap! I’m getting married!

It’s not something I expected. Or, something I was waiting around for! But, soon — within weeks — I will marry my best friend; a man I love and respect. This feels me joy and also that strange out of body sensation when it feels like this has to be happening to someone else and I am merely observing it all. And then it hits me — BAM! — Holy Crap! We’re getting married! It’s like i’m looking at someone else’s life. But I’m not. Continue reading →