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When I speak, I aim to educate, communicate and inspire.

I want to help my audience to see complex topics in ways that make sense to them, and I want to help people find clarity around topics with which they are already familiar. I want to communicate ideas in a way that provides space for questions and conversation. Lastly, I want to inspire my listeners, so they feel motivated and inspired.

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If you want to hire me as a speaker then reach out to me via my contact page. I have written articles, blogged and presented at many conferences. I have spoken to both small and large groups, in the United States, Australia, Scotland, England and Wales.

Common Speech Inquiries

  • The power of stories for business: The use of stories and storytelling is emerging as a powerful communications tool and becoming integral to how businesses define their content marketing. While we’ve all seen or experienced the use of a dramatic story in a television commercial or customer testimonial, many businesses are finding that stories offer a new and relevant way to connect with audiences in other forums beyond advertising. This speech explores how businesses can use stories to build community among staff, customers, and their local town or city.
  • The power of stories for non profits: Studies show that we are wired to remember stories much more than data, facts, and figures. However, when data and story are used together, audiences are moved both emotionally and intellectually.  When told effectively, your non profit’s stories has the potential to motivate people like you and me to give, volunteer, sign petitions and participate in programs. This speech explores how non profits can tell their story effectively, consistently, and with tangible results!
  • Blogging: Talks on blogging include an introduction to valuable content, a thorough discussion of keywords, and SEO (search engine optimization) with suggestions for how to make the tech work while being authentic to your writing and your audience. Speeches have also included branding tips, strategies to reach blogging goals, and debunking common blogging myths for businesses and organizations.
  • Content Strategy: Content is king, but content isn’t as valuable without a strategy. Speeches include discussions on content creation, SEO, advertising campaigns, social media marketing and traffic growth., and how to develop an effective strategy, that enables you to tell your story or the story of your business effectively, efficiently, consistently, and with tangible results!
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Linked In – and so on. Social media marketing speeches include introductions to marketing strategies, online communications, social campaigns, and sales. Tips for success, myths, and how to protect yourself and succeed. We will also discuss when social media is not right for you and your business or organization!
  • Women in New Businesses: These speeches target stay-at-home mothers and women starting their own companies. Talks like these have included online marketing, balancing home and work, product development and introducing various website companies that could help grow companies and ideas. I particularly focus on military connected women including spouses and veterans.
  • Not a Pedestrian Life: These speeches start with a little of my story, before seeking to inspire and motivate. These speeches can be especially targeted for the audience, and have been particularly well received with military connected (including spouses and veterans) audiences.
  • The Value of the Arts for Church Communities:  These speeches can focus on a particular medium or school or Art or literature, including the work of a specific artist or writer. These speeches can be framed for women’s breakfasts, Youth Group retreats or Sunday school classes, or in the right context, a bible talk or sermon. These speeches are born out of my academic research and experience working for and with churches and church communities.
  • A Writer’s Manifesto: Why do you create? Why do you write? What motivates you and can you articulate it? This is a speech leading to a workshopping of ideas. A mixture of literary history, philosophy, theology, and a writing workshop!

Speaker. Reader. Thinker. Writer. Traveler. Advocate

Anna Blanch RabeAnna Blanch Rabe is an Australian-born writer and photographer.  She has been published in a range of academic and popular publications, from Scrapbooking magazine and Peppercorn magazine to Englewood Review of Books, Immerse Journal and Case Magazine. She has spoken at a range of conferences and Festivals including MLA, CCL, AVSA, BAVSA, Greenbelt, and CNMAC. She’s a proud USAF spouse, has served as a key spouse, and was named 2016 AFI Military Spouse of the Year for Cannon AFB. You can follow her adventures on Not A Pedestrian Life, or Facebook. More of her photography can be viewed here. For more of her writing take a look at Quotidian Home or Not a Pedestrian Life.  You can contact her through this form. Connect with Anna on Academia.edu, Linked In, Instagram, facebook page, & Twitter.

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